Cross-Chain Swap

Gorilla Swap is an innovative way to allow cross-chain trading in a user-friendly way.

DeFi has a rising need for the ability to move tokens across Blockchains. Gorilla recognises that cross-chain transactions are the building block towards a multi-chain future and provides an easy and intuitive way to swap from one major blockchain to another.

A key component of blockchain technology is the cross-chain swap, which enables token exchanges across different blockchains and makes them interoperable. It allows people to make payments in a particular token even when they are on different blockchains.

Benefits of Cross-Chain Swap

Lowering Volatility: Enabling Gorilla tokens to benefit from cross-chain swaps will provide the ecosystem a way of dealing with the volatility of prices. Holders can swap their tokens to protect its value. It will also enable holders to join liquidity pools which stabilise the overall price.

Reaping Benefits of Layer 2 sidechains: The expanding blockchain ecosystem has necessitated interest in blockchain bridges. The shortcomings of well-known blockchains, like Ethereum, prompted the creation of other blockchains and even Layer 2 sidechains. These new chains provided benefits including lower transaction costs, increased network throughput, and access to novel yield-earning activities.

Lower Prices: Overall, cross-chain swaps help to avoid the barriers of moving coins across different Blockchain networks. By using the Gorilla platform holders will get the benefit of low prices for cross-chain swaps. This will aid in the generation of considerably more dynamic crypto usage. Cross-chain swaps can also help to avoid the effects of crypto downswings as holders can easily swap without worrying about disparate blockchains. Holders can switch chains to get better deals for their crypto assets, like a higher APY for their staking, or to enjoy lower transaction fees on L2 chains.

Stop-loss Limit: This feature will enable traders to buy and sell automatically without the need to constantly check prices. This assures that investor's can trade safely within their own risk tolerance.

AI Trading: Our ground-breaking AI technology will allow Gorilla investors to mirror top-ranking expert trader's portfolios across a number of different blockchains.

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